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Course Duration: 5 days (0900 - 1700). Mon to Friday.


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Course Fee: £ 1100/- (Package and special discounts might be available)


Entry Requirements -


1. Candidates must be aged 18 or over and

2. Must be in possession of MCA approved AEC 1 course or equivalant acceptable certificate.


Please note: to work on any vessel you will need to complete STCW Basic Safety Training.


Course Description


The course is approved by the UK’s Maritime Coastguard Agency (MCA) and is ideal for the owners or operators of small inshore and pleasure vessels. The AEC part 2 would also befit the junior engineering staff working in or expecting to work in the engineering department of a superyacht.

Delivery of the content is split into both classroom activities and practical application. It comprises of approximately 50% theory and 50% practical work.  It covers safe engineering working practices, basic operation of engineering systems such as refrigeration, legislation (books and records) maintenance systems and techniques, safe systems of work, lifting and slinging, electrical supply system, hydraulic systems, fresh water, sewage systems and planned maintenance systems.



Training Outcome


There are eleven outcomes to the training:


Outcome 1 - The learner understands the components and their arrangement in a compression type refrigerant plant and understand basic fault finding

Outcome 2 - Demonstrate a knowledge of the legislative and management requirements within engineering operations

Outcome 3 – Demonstrate knowledge of maintenance systems on-board

Outcome 4 - Demonstrate the knowledge of safe systems of work within an engineering environment

Outcome 5 - Demonstrate the knowledge of safe operations when undertaking lifting and/or slinging operations:

Outcome 6 - Demonstrate the knowledge of the electrical distribution system on-board

Outcome 7 - Demonstrate knowledge to maintain basic hydraulic systems

Outcome 8 - Demonstrate knowledge and the practical skills to undertake basic maintenance

Outcome 9 - Demonstrate knowledge and the practical skills to undertake basic maintenance

Outcome 10 - Demonstrate knowledge of the Fresh Water system onboard.

Outcome 11- Demonstrate knowledge of the Sewage system onboard.



Who should do the course:


AEC 2 is a mandatory 5 days course for students enrolled in the new small vessel route to second engineer.

The objective of the AEC 2 course is to provide students, with theoretical knowledge and practical hands on experience of additional areas, as laid down in the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) AEC 2 syllabus. The aim is to enable them to meet the COC requirements of the new common “Small Vessel” (Yachts, Tugs, Fishing Vessels, Workboats, Standby, Seismic Survey, Oceanographic Research Vessels and Government Patrol Vessels, of less than 3000 GT and Power Less than 9,000 kW with Unlimited Area of operation.) It forms part of the required modules to enter the industry as a junior/assistant engineer, with the ability to progress through to the Small Vessel Second Engineer Officer qualification.

When combined with AEC part 1, this unit can also be included as part of the award for an MCA’s Marine Engine Operators Licence (MEOL) which is the licences required by the Chief Engineer on UK Flagged vessel of less than 750 kW operating in near coastal waters (150 miles from the nearest shore)


All equipment to complete the course will be provided. You just need to bring a pair of overalls and suitable footwear.


A Course Completion Certificate will be awarded provided the student has attended for the full 5-days.



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Approved Engine Course (AEC) Part 2 - MCGA approved

* Required
Approved Engine Course (AEC) - Part 2- MCGA approved

Approved Engine Course Part 2 - MCA approved course structure and lesson objective

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Approved engine course part 2 MCA approved

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